Decorate Your House by Applying the Moroccan Theme

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Are you getting tired of seeing the same style and design every time you are entering your house? If you are, now is the time for you to do something about it. You can do that by considering on decorating your house with all Moroccan decors that you can find out there.


If you prefer to have some changes on your house, like making it look more exotic seductive for your eyes, then it is really time now for you to look at Moroccan furniture and start visualizing in how you want your Moroccan theme interior to look. The furniture that you can buy and use for you new interior theme can add not just elegance, but a relaxing essence that will make you want to lie down all day and just rest. That is a good thing especially when you got so tired, and once you enter your home, you no longer need to do anything, but just let your body do what it wishes to do, which is to relax.


Apart from that, using this theme for your interior will also add a touch of elegance for your home, which is considered as the aspect that every home owner would want for their interior to have. Of course, since you will change your interior’s theme, you will now be more pride every time someone visits in your house. In the end, you will have something to show your friends whenever they are visiting your house and something that will make them completely relax.


Moroccan furniture also has features that will surely enhance the interior of the house. These features include being made in rich colors like yellow, red blue, which are also made into different shades. The colors and shades used are usually those that resemble furniture that are found in palaces from royalty regions. It means, once you choose to use Moroccan decor in decorating your interior, the look that you will achieve is elegance that can only be seen in royal palaces.


If you can already visualize your Moroccan-styled interior, then it is now time for you to look for the items and furniture that can make that vision into reality. There are several home decor stores that can now be found both locally and online. There are even stores that specialize in offering the items and furniture that can supply your Moroccan themed interior. One of those home decor stores is Casbahdecor.


The home decor store offers all decors and furniture that you can buy and use for your interior’s Moroccan theme. The store always has a new selection of these decor items, which means whenever you decide to shop, you can expect to see and purchase new items in the end. Casbahdecor offers Moroccan lamps, mirrors, wall hanging rugs, camel bone ceramic large vases, window dressings, lanterns, ceramics, kitchen accessories, and tea glasses. All these products are handmade by skilled and expert artisans.


With the Moroccan decor offered by the store, you can just decide when you can visit its site to take a look for items that you can use for your Moroccan decorated interior. Then, start decorating your home interior with a touch of Moroccan style.



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Casbahdecor unique moroccan furniture

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Everyone wants their home and office to be stylish, inviting, and intriguing for all who see it. With Moroccan style furniture, you can accomplish all three. Moroccan furniture, lanterns, and bedding are hot items within the decorating market today. Why? Moroccan styles reflect unique African culture with brilliant colors and patterns that are exquisite to say the least. As a bonus, Moroccan furniture, bedding pieces, and lanterns can be found in almost any price range if you do a little shopping around.

When you decorate your home with Moroccan style fixtures, you are indeed making a statement. Your home will have an elegant touch without losing its personality. Moroccan furnishings speak volumes to express the mood you are trying to inhibit for your guests. This style of furniture also provides a sturdiness and durability that many long for in their home or office furniture. The pieces are strong and thick, and can endure years of use without showing wear and tear.

Moroccan Colors and Patterns

One feature of Moroccan lanterns and furniture is the multitude of brilliant colors and patterns available. The colors are exotic, but comfortable. Moroccan craftsmen design their products in colors that reflect their natural surroundings. They use a variety of colors such as orange, brown, red, purple, and green. The colors and patterns are used to create a dramatic affect along with wood, leather, wool, and silk. Common patterns you might see are swirling designs, flowers, and shapes all creatively knitted or carved into one piece of furniture or one lantern or bedspread.

Moroccan Lanterns and Other Essentials

To complete any Moroccan-style room, Moroccan lanterns and other decor items are needful. Moroccan lanterns hang beautifully from the ceiling and usually feature wrought iron frames with artistic stained glass sections in a variety of colors and patterns. Probably one of the most well known lanterns is the Djamae lantern, which is the oldest type in Moroccan design history. It has a rustic look and a semi-oval shape with stain glass in amber, blue, green, and clear glass. Other Moroccan lantern styles include Blue Samaka, Anelka, Alwan, Maroc, Moroccan Chandelier, and Dareh.

To really achieve the Moroccan look and feel in your home or office, add other items to your decor such as Moroccan tables and chairs, stools, rugs, ceramics, mirrors, ceiling tiles, and doors.

You might also want to decorate a foyer or hallway with beautiful Moroccan floor tiles. The tiles come in a variety of patterns and can be used to accent certain areas of your home or office. Floor tiles are available in packages ranging from one tile to six at various price ranges. Floor tiles look gorgeous in rooms where there’s not a lot of furniture, such as the bedroom with Moroccan furniture. A simple, yet elegant, way to decorate your bedroom is to install Moroccan floor tiles and include your bed with Moroccan bedding and pillows, a simple night stand or two, an armoire, a table lamp, a room divider, and a couple of wall sconces for soft lighting. Add a nice painting or two for wall decor, and you’ve got an eye-catching room where you can retire at night that’s not too busy!

Whether it’s simplicity you want or a more exotic look and feel, Moroccan furniture and decor accessories can help you accomplish either style. There are no set rules for going “Moroccan” – only use your imagination!

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Unique furniture possesses a distinctive & unique design that simply speaks moroccan furniture

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Decorating your living area with a unique furniture and décor leaves you with plenty of room to add your vivid imagination and unique style to your environment. Interior designers have taken a particular interest in Moroccan interior design due to its unique ability to capitalize on the flexibility of the bold colors, unique textures and exquisite fabrics, painted armoires and living room sets. This same elasticity can be found in the wide variety of furniture designs on the market today. As you will find, there are a number of items available that will help you add the magical touch of Morocco to your living area. Moroccan furniture and décor possesses a distinctive design that simply speaks Morocco. The authenticity is reflected in the vibrant colors, hand carved textures and high quality Moroccan furniture pieces used to create each item that is all handmade. If you’re looking to spruce up the furniture in your living room, for example, you’ll find a wide variety of sofa and seating options to choose from cushions, pillows and bolsters. Choose from a variety of handmade and unique sofas and benches that will definitely set your living room apart from any other in your neighborhood. There are a variety of fabrics to choose from when it comes to the various living room furniture and accessories sporting the Moroccan theme, as well as a number of unique patterns that will enhance any area. The variety of Moroccan furniture and décor is quite amazing, as the versatility and unique style often leads to that “one of a kind” piece that you simply cannot find with any other decorating style. For those who are searching for a very unique addition to your home why not consider adding a one of a kind camel bone mirror to your living area. These mirrors are simply unique and bring an exquisite style and flair to the room that your guests are sure to notice. Other Moroccan accessories one might find interesting are the various ceramic & glass items available for purchase. There are a number of stylish Moroccan vases, bowls and plates to choose from that will add just the right touch to your Moroccan decor. Moroccan furniture and décor truly enhances any room, as each piece is highly decorative and unique. An awesome addition to your living area would be any of the various fabrics and tapestries within the realm of Moroccan interior design. The various fabrics available can be used to create accent pillows that will enhance the look of your sofa or bedroom. If you’re looking to enhance the look and feel of the room with an authentic Moroccan design, then you may want to purchase one of the many unique Moroccan tapestries. In short, Moroccan furniture and décor is highly versatile, as you’re choices are unlimited. Each uniquely crafted item truly reflects its Moroccan heritage and adds that special touch to any area. The bold colors, fluid lines and rich hand crafted textures will create a unique ambience where your guests will feel welcome and comfortable. Check out this page. we do also custom make any piece that is handmade in Morocco, we’ve done and changed many homes feel already . Casbahdecor has been always a source of Moroccan unique furniture & home décor, importing all kinds of Moroccan home décor pieces that are most of them one-of-a-kind and unique.
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